SYMBIFACE III 2.1 release : 14 March 2019

GFX-NINE: 28 release : 3 may 2018:

SE-ONE CPC: 1 april 2018:
first se-one for the CPC is tested

SYMBiFACE III 1.0 : 2 march 2017:
 prototype has being tested

SE-ONE:21 dec 2017:
New update is available SEONE14122017.DFU   link

RXH-SEVEN: 20 dec 2017:  
Start new multi cartridge MSX

SE-ONE: 19 dec 2017    
MP3A sunrise mode,
symbOS spectrum analyzer added
VU indicators added
FM mode
Radio FMSCAN up and down improves.
MP3B mode
VU indicators added 

AMSDAP: 16 dec 2017
prototype has being tested
more information about the AMSDAP, please contact with  Prodatron

SE-ONE:11 nov 2017 
Software added,
SEPLAYER  playing music files from USB
SETALK emulation of the SP0256 speech chip

SE-ONE:  8 nov 2017
new Firmware file update (DFU) added, tmtlogic >> support >> se-one

UMJA: 28 febr 2017
This update implemented sensitivity of the mouse movement. Push on the middle mouse button to use it. There are three sensitive possibilities (slow normal and fast) 

UMJA: 17 oct 2017
The software has been adapted in order to make the Umja  available  for HID mice. An HID descriptor is build.
Now the Umja can also be used for other types of HID mice !! and is no longer only available for PS/2 compatible mouse.